Friday, September 28, 2012

Mitt Romney Gets It! Mentions Gov Agenda in Schools

Mitt Romney has the RIGHT IDEA about Federally mandated "Common Core" education standards. In an interview with NBC's Brian Williams (see excerpt below), he very correctly identifies "there may be a time when the government has an agenda that it wants to promote."

The future is now, actually, as I found out one day when I had the opportunity to visit my son’s classroom.  I spied his History (Social Studies) book – a book that he has never had to bring home – and opened it to a random page. I had landed on the first page of a whole chapter on Caesar Chavez.  For those of you who don’t know, Caesar Chavez was the “famous” organizer of the United Farm Workers Union.  

Page after page told the story of his heroic triumph over the evil land-owners, bringing humane work conditions to the illegal farm workers. There was not one word about his calls for violent protest or his band of union thugs that “disappeared” farm workers who vocalized opposition to him.

Nor was there any mention of his crusade to bring down Ernest and Julio Gallo of Gallo Wines. Chavez went so far as to pay for TV ads showing the “mistreated” workers in the fields. The outcry from citizens turned the whole fight in Chavez’ favor. Not one News Organization asked the question, “Why does the ad show ONION fields instead of vineyards?” Yes. The fact is Chavez lied to the public in the classic strategy of “The ends justify the means.”  The reality of the Caesar Chavez story is that he successfully convinced illegal farmer laborers that being part of the union would improve their lives, when the intention was always to improve his pocketbook with Union Funds. He became rich on the backs of those who ultimately received much higher wages just to pay them out to the Union.

This is just ONE example of the “government agenda” that is forced on our children, and I know that few parents understand the depth of indoctrination that their children face every day.  I am in a constant battle now to explain the REAL stories behind the subjects in his school books and he is getting a first hand glimpse of what it means to "THINK CRITICALLY".

Thank God that Mitt Romney is bold enough to bring this to light. For too long, children have suffered at the hands of those who 'create' history rather than report.  It's time to get the government agenda out of our schools!

Excerpted from:

Romney: No Federal Support for Common Core

Mitt Romney told NBC's Brian Williams today that he doesn't think the federal government should provide support—financial or otherwise—for common standards, which have been adopted by forty-six states and the District of Columbia.
Instead, the Republican presidential nominee thinks states alone should pony up the money for their implementation. The Obama administration has allocated $360 million to two consortia of states to help develop tests that align with the standards, which were created through a partnership of the Council of Chief State School Officers and the National Governors Association. And the administration gave states that adopted the standards an edge in the Race to the Top competition.
"I don't happen to believe that every time there's an initiative that comes along, the federal government should finance it," Romney said during NBC's Education Nation, noting that the state he governed, Massachusetts, was able to boost its standards without having any extra federal funding.
"You know, I think it's fine for people to lay out what they think core subjects might be and to suggest a pedagogy and being able to provide that learning to our kids," Romney said. "I don't subscribe to the idea of the federal government trying to push a common core on various states. It's one thing to put it out as a model and let people adopt it as they will, but to financially reward states based upon accepting the federal government's idea of a curriculum, I think, is a mistake. And the reason I say that is that there may be a time when the government has an agenda that it wants to promote."

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Birth of a Dystopian Society

In the beginning, the first humans were challenged for food, shelter, and propagation of the species. These needs necessitated the use of animal instinct, namely hierarchy. Then came language development, weapons employment, and improvements with tools. 

By the time mankind moved into the early stages of cultivation, the practice of hierarchy took a turn to the political as settlements gave rise to new conflicts. These were the first groups to demonize competition and intellectualize the "pecking order" instead of settling matters in the old-fashioned way - physical attacks and the not uncommon fights to the death. And while greed was certainly present well before, it is during this time that we see the rise of the cultural "haves and have nots" that would evolve into aristocrats and peasants, masters and slaves. Here are the beginnings of our dystopian society. 

Perhaps it is the intellectualization of the "pecking order" that is the most heinous of the developed skills of civilization for it marks the time when the circumstances of man are artificially manipulated, not to serve the people, but to serve the outcome - be it power or wealth - and affect an artificial sense of dependency. So it is in the gathering of people where we find the failure of society.