Friday, September 21, 2012

The Birth of a Dystopian Society

In the beginning, the first humans were challenged for food, shelter, and propagation of the species. These needs necessitated the use of animal instinct, namely hierarchy. Then came language development, weapons employment, and improvements with tools. 

By the time mankind moved into the early stages of cultivation, the practice of hierarchy took a turn to the political as settlements gave rise to new conflicts. These were the first groups to demonize competition and intellectualize the "pecking order" instead of settling matters in the old-fashioned way - physical attacks and the not uncommon fights to the death. And while greed was certainly present well before, it is during this time that we see the rise of the cultural "haves and have nots" that would evolve into aristocrats and peasants, masters and slaves. Here are the beginnings of our dystopian society. 

Perhaps it is the intellectualization of the "pecking order" that is the most heinous of the developed skills of civilization for it marks the time when the circumstances of man are artificially manipulated, not to serve the people, but to serve the outcome - be it power or wealth - and affect an artificial sense of dependency. So it is in the gathering of people where we find the failure of society.

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