Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"Hating Breitbart" Review I Posted on Rotten Tomatoes

My review of "Hating Breitbart" on Rotten Tomatoes:

Unlike other "biographical" documentaries, "Hating Breitbart" doesn't waste time exploring the subject's childhood or exposing his demons. To the contrary, it excellently captures the spirit of the man who catapulted the New Media Movement beyond the limitations of the Main Stream Media, and inspired a generation of Conservative activists to rise up against the biased and often racist slanders of the intellectually dishonest Left. This point is proved again by "Critic Reviews" that report on how this film doesn't fit their progressive agendas instead of actually reviewing the quality and content of the film itself. Thoughtfully edited, "Hating Breitbart" is never sentimental. Rather it is intense and funny, reflecting Andrew Breitbart's flare and daring. If you hated Breitbart or if you loved him, this film will inspire strong feelings.

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